So a few months ago, I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto Library containing all of my pictures from previous travels. I managed to post photos online, which I was able to rediscover and save. Here are a few of my favourites from last year’s adventures:


Prague. I’m trying to take a photo in the rain without getting my camera wet and while holding my umbrella and crouching over because of my heavy backpack. I like how the fluorescent umbrellas light up the moodiness of the photo.
Dubrovnik: About two minutes away is a place of sorrow where no hope was found.
Night at the Museum: Dinosaurs always had an intriguing factor. I’ve never been able to figure out why they terrify me but, at the same time, never fail to intrigue me.
I noticed this rose from a distance. The only thing visibly red from a few miles away. I was in Auschwitz for the full afternoon and there wasn’t much to say afterwards.
Streets of Dubrovnik: for sale – sugared lemon skins.
Dubrovnik: Inside the stoned walls, construction goes on to preserve the ancient city.
Dubrovnik Wall: The city is enclosed by a wall which you can pay to walk around. The walk is approximately 2km, but the view is stunning. On one side you can see the tops of red houses, soccer fields, and laundry, while on the other, there is a vast landscape of forever beneath you. It is such a breathtaking scene. Croatia is truly one of its kind.

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