Life in bite sizes

Here are a few photos that kinda summarize my food over how many weeks I don’t know. Past few weeks I’ve been working nonstop. But it’s slowed down a bit, so I’ve had some time to unwind. I’ve been putting off a lot of what I really need to get done for a lousy day, which today might be the case.

So let’s talk about dreams because it’s something that’s come up a lot lately. I’ve been going to sleep and horribly waking up at early hours because of the nightmares I’ve been having. Not all of them are that terrible, but each dream is placed in a situation where I’m anxious and nervous about something.

For example, two nights ago I dreamt about watching a ballet performance. And underneath the stage, someone was killed. I wasn’t particularly scared, but when I got home I noticed that something was wrong (like any horror story). And I guess my conscience became so alert that I just found myself looking at the clock that read 4:07AM. Not the best feeling in the world.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I could actually sleep in past 8 or 9AM. I woke up somewhere around 10AM, restless again from another dream. It’s funny because my active conscience isn’t too unhappy or too stressed at the moment for what it’s worth. I’m taking yoga on the side, mainly to focus on something else other than the future for a while. There’s honestly so many things fluttering beside me at the moment that it’s hard to swallow everything in a big chunk. I enjoy being able to focus on one thing when I’m engaged and then move onto the next. Life was never made to take in as a whole.

[P.S. – Also included in that gallery was a selfie. ]

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