People have multiple layers. And I don’t really always mean this in terms of personality or history. We’re almost like butterflies, but instead of shedding off a skin, we’re able to grow on a new one entirely.

I was talking with a close friend earlier this week about this, how we’re able to morph into something or someone else no matter what we’ve gone through. It’s pretty incredible actually – how there’s no end to the layers we can grow and try on. I say that we’re able to grow on layers rather than shed them because our history becomes engraved in our skin. Our wrinkles, our scars, whatever it is, we’re able to grow new layers without peeling back old ones. But that doesn’t mean our old layers define us either. Of course permanent scars will always be there, but we can grow another layer around or over it. And I think every scar and every hurt we’ve ever experienced in are beautiful in their own way. I wouldn’t trade in mine for anyone else’s and even if they were tough to overcome, I’m able to appreciate a new layer more.

No failure can define us and no hurt will ever hold us to a certain¬†standard. We might define a pain clearly, but it’s just simply not true that we will not overcome it one day. Time heals everything, no matter how slowly. And in the same way, God will never stop loving us no matter what has happened to us or whatever kinds of trauma we’ve gone through.

It’s all pretty amazing if you ask me. Our ability to heal and overcome, and our ability to love more from that.

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