November weather

November’s a pretty dreary month for many people. It seems to be a time to just sink into your bedsheets and stay put all day. The rain, the wind, the whispers of winter try to swallow you and your thoughts. I haven’t noticed it much with myself, but I realized the people around me aren’t going through the best of times. It’s difficult to see people struggling, and just not knowing what exactly to say to them. So, I end up listening to other people’s stories and fantasizing about a warmer season.

Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is this week? The start of semester disappeared as quickly as the sun fades after daylight savings. And at the same time, academic and external stress come with exciting events and holiday sentimentalism (though I cringe every time I see a Christmas commercial). Everyone’s trying to finish up their work, studying for their exams, and writing their final papers, while the holiday spirit dances around them. It’s a weird mixture of tension and holiday cheer. Honestly, if you think about it, November and the start of December is a pretty interesting time in an academic setting.

To end, I’m so excited to start my December adventures pretty soon. It’s going to be an exciting month of travelling and creating new memories. But first, I need to start writing my final Faulkner paper.

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