Scars and wounds

The past month, I’ve had multiple minor injuries:

  • a dog bit me
  • paper cuts
  • cut from cutting a grapefruit
  • cut from unwrapping tinfoil
  • cut from a sliding door

All of them are almost finally healed now, but it’s interesting to look at my hands and see the scars. The tinfoil cut’s healing is actually the most apparent. It looks like a pen mark really. My other wounds that were deeper are less apparent. The pink is slowly blending into a warm beige, and the only time it comes to mind is when pressure is exerted by accident. I just think it’s so interesting to see these cuts cover up and stop hurting. I used to have to be careful typing because a cut was directly on the distal phalanx (a term I had to Google to find out).

Metaphorically that’s also how hurtful experiences work mentally. Wounds that turn into scars are just physical parallels for the painful memories we’ve gone through. It’s a pretty common metaphor.

But even the scars that still hurt eventually heal. Apply pressure, you’ll feel nothing.

P.S. I know I have a few grammatical errors in my other posts; I tend to write, publish, then revise once in a while if I read them over again. I like writing in the moment. But please excuse any syntax errors here – I’ve written so much for my final papers the last few days, I think I’ve lost the ability to write somewhat coherently or fluidly. 

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