2015 closing notes

Last Sunday (night) of the year. I started this blog this year with the thought of tracking and sharing bits and pieces of my inner thoughts. It’s interesting to look back on what I’ve written months later and see where I was at during those times. Writing has always brought a sort of healing and resolving for me; hence, you can see the nakedness that underlies my life in those moments even if I don’t write about something explicitly.

Overall, this year’s been dramatic and hectic and fun and awful all at the same time. I’d like to say I’ve grown and matured a lot, but I’m not sure if I can really commit to that statement yet… at least, not until I’m twenty. The past month’s also been crazy. Considerable happenings and choices have had to been made either by chance, consequence, or randomness. I’m sure it’s possible to say that for any year of your life, but year 19 has definitely been one of the grandiose years.

It’s difficult to see this year come to an end so fast, especially when memories and people fade so easily at times. I hate that sometimes – how, sometimes within a span of a few hours, you can lose something or you can feel it slipping through your fingers. That feeling, that phenomenon, threaded through each season. So it’s hard to even swallow the fact that it’s already the 28th of December, and the night is only going to get lighter. (I’m currently still jet lagged.)

I’m realizing writing here is becoming more challenging. Just feels empty at times to post something insubstantial, so I wait. Then procrastinate.

But yeah. 2015 has been a heck of a year in every way. Anyways, thanks for all the memories 🙂

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