Last day of the teenage years

There’s a first day for everything and a last, but you realize it all mélanges together after a while. The first day of high school. Graduation day. First day of summer. First day of fall. First day of the teen years. First day of being twenty. Time never really stops or slows down. It just converges into a short melody of sounds, textures, and memories.

When you step out of the teenage years into your twenties, I don’t think many people really grasp the idea that you’ve lived two decades. It’s taken for granted really. What’s the big point really, right? It’s just another day, another year. Hence, time comes together and slows down to a beat. But to me, being twenty really signifies something because it feels like I’ve somehow made it through the teenage angst and drama. When I first turned thirteen, I thought to myself how terrible the next few years would be because of all the stories I heard about being that awful, annoying teenager. And in some ways, I was right. The “teen” years were pretty terrible at some points, but great in others. From thirteen to nineteen, I’ve experienced things that I never thought to live through or expected. Those eight years really made an imprint in my life.

And yet, I’ll never be back in these years again. Older people usually reminisce about their younger days, whether that be during their high school or college careers. I’m honestly right in the middle of all that – of all of the reminiscing people do back to this period in their lives. I appreciate it. I like being young, and I really don’t want to grow too old.

I can’t imagine what my mid-twenties or the dreaded thirties will look like. And yet, I’m one step closer to those crises. Soon enough, I’ll be out of college and living in the real world.

I don’t know what I expect of my twenties, except to think that it’ll hold the most change in my life than ever. I have a lot of expectations and hopes for my twenties, but like always, I know time will just come and go. And soon, I’ll be writing about being 29.


Here’s to a hopefully a very cool year – my twentieth year of existence. And the last day of being a teenager.

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