It will remain

Over words of stone You spelled out love
And when You say it is done
It is done

We often forget the value of those who love us first, the ones who stick by you no matter what, because we take them for granted. And today, Valentine’s Day, in my opinion has become so trivialized and commercialized. Honestly, I love the idea behind it – appreciating those who love you, but I’m a bit pessimistic when it comes to the holiday and how the media uses it.

But rather than be angry about the world, it’s more meaningful to remind myself who I’ve truly forgotten. I can’t bring myself to fully admit my faults and my arrogance at this moment, but I recognize the true irony and incompetence of my words.

The fact of the matter is, I’m envisioning myself clinging onto a string of hope, when in reality I’m sinking in an ocean of love. No matter where I am in terms of my narrative, whether I’m drowning in my thoughts or standing tall afloat on top of a raft, I’m nowhere near the edge of the world. And I’m always within the safe covers of His arms.

I love you. Wherever I am in the midst of the storm. I hope I never forget that.


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