Cracked glass

Taking a short but much needed break from reading period, I went to see the latest Captain America movie. I noticed there are a lot of moments where the Avengers keep breaking glass. It usually takes more than one hit of the shield or fist to break the seemingly solid glass.

I think that’s what certain things in life look like: first, you need a couple of good punches at the glass, and then second, something small will end up breaking the camel’s back. And it’s absurd that the thing that gets to you finally is a very small, meager detail – but to you, it’s the last straw and you’ve and enough. It’s time to step away from the pain or the negative energy this incites.

The trend is that things build up, despite certain random shocks here and there. And then, it finally hits you and more than breaking you, it gives you insights as to what the real world looks like.


Anyways, looking forward to a hopefully cool and not humidly hot summer:


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