THATS CHIC | Inspiration

Most people think blogging is a superficial career – based on creating an individual brand and generating social currency.  In many ways, bloggers like Jenn Im, Michelle Phan, Aimee Song, have all sold out to the general public of advertising, scheduling, and “content creation.” I think part of why so many people think blogging is superficial is due to the general lack of creativity in these posts nowadays. There’s a certain template to all of this madness, which if one took the time to, could figure out. It’s about a certain filter, lighting, or hashtag – doing monthly “favorites,” OOTDs, DIYs – it’s an endless stream of templates.

Of course, many people will follow if you start basing your design on a generic, already-popular, template, but what’s missing behind all of this is a real, genuine soul to the content. I think I fell in love with Rachel Nguyen’s videos and blog because she truly has taken the time to create that “soul” behind every video. She said in an interview that she wanted each video and her channel to have a purpose – not be some sort of typical beauty or fashion or lifestyle video. There are aspects of that, but that’s not what defines her.

Truly in love with this character & very happy I now have a new found inspiration.

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