moments i’ll never forget:

  • every room I’ve lived in
  • my maltese
  • mom’s first outrage at me
  • the first broken friendship, and the most last few
  • the first heartache
  • pins pushed up on myself
  • seconds before every dance recital
  • slick bun hair for ballet exams
  • the chocolate cake from Lyon
  • that meaningful encounter in the movie-like scenes
  • first ice skate with a guy
  • hospital nights
  • sharing sandwiches with the first kiss
  • the first unintentional all-nighter

i realize as i write this, my mind is filled with endless memories of single encounters, friendships, brokenness, utter grace, and happiness. there’s not a list i could write that could encompass every single experience i’ve had that i will never forget. the human mind is such a strange, complex thing. i’ve once heard that you never truly forget a memory, but it just more cloudy each time you think about it.

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