Waking up to a new reality

I woke at 5AM this morning to the buzzing of my phone. I felt taken back by the new reality of this country and disheartened by the news I woke up to. Yesterday was a big day for everyone.

I’m dumbfounded and I’m trying to realize silver linings in the midst of this chaotic month.

So here are the things I’m thankful for and the things that I will ultimately keep up a positivity:

  1. I’m alive and breathing. I have incredible friends and family. And incredibly blessed to lean on a saviour and not on myself for understanding.
  2. The chaos, in turn, can bring about more change and activity for younger generations going through the motions.
  3. Our hope ultimately has to lie on something greater, not on human politics that can fall or rise any day.

Despite any more negative news that may happen this month, I am still hopeful of the things to come and grateful of the past.

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