Now what?

Not to reiterate what happened this week, but it has been emotional nevertheless. I think there’s a lot to digest and think about as I look towards a somewhat more clear future – but that’s not to say only I should do this, but everyone.

Okay. But I got to get it out.
Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy upon my life. I will boast in nothing but in God and His love because that’s something that will never cease. It’s surprising, wondrous, and outrageous all in one. A love that died for my soul on that cross – that saw and experienced every pain and suffering that any human could go through. One that understands the chaotic unpredictability of a human world. I am grateful to say the least.

As I look on to finishing this year and starting the next, I’m only excited in this moment of what is to come and what will come. I know there will be a different set of challenges and hurdles, as with anyone’s life, but in this moment, I’m living with God’s constant grace.

Now onto a fun outing on Saturday, a restful Thanksgiving week, and an exciting adventure the week after. Then finals, of course.

Thank you all for to everyone else’s support and love throughout a stressful but maturing process. And read my article if you so please on my views from the past two months.


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