It’s been a solid 6ish weeks or so, and I’ve never had so much to think about and digest in my life as I have in the last few weeks.

I think I’ve grown to understand the importance of family, friends, and individuality in life a lot more. All things I had never really given a second thought have been really impacting how I think about my future life after college. I only have one more year left – and I really intend to make the most out of the year, with all of the three things above.

I also need to give my future a bit more thinking around what I’ve learned this summer – which is good of course, but there have been things that I’m beginning to uncover about myself as I live in Boston.

I think at the end of the day though, I’m really happy and blessed to be where I’m at and with the new friends I’ve made. Despite the few lows, there have been a lot of highs, and I’m blessed to have found more than one community of people. I also really miss Europe (of course) – and hope to make it back sometime before I go again next June or so.

So here’s to then and here’s to now – looking ahead to the next 4 weeks of this life 🙂 IMG_2189.JPG

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