What a year

I am now home, having finished my finals and Christmas activities-ish. I realized that Sunday is the 1st which means this post is long overdue since I’ve lasted posted. I came into this academic semester not thinking much but worrying a lot. The worse of my worries – being homeless but somehow working part timeContinue reading “What a year”

incredible month

It’s been an incredible month. I wanted to acknowledge it before it disappeared and turned into finals + Christmas period. 🙂 That’s it. I’ll be back soon — right after finals period probably unless something else comes up or if I end up procrastinating on studying with writing.


moments i’ll never forget: every room I’ve lived in my maltese mom’s first outrage at me the first broken friendship, and the most last few the first heartache pins pushed up on myself seconds before every dance recital slick bun hair for ballet exams the chocolate cake from Lyon that meaningful encounter in the movie-like scenes first iceContinue reading “memories”