the novel I’d write

It seems that since I’ve entered college, approximately from February to April is a time of deep self-introspection – a real hell for someone who cannot deal with her internality of thoughts at times. Usually I’d opt to write down my thoughts during these times – a catharsis for my mind to let everything outContinue reading “the novel I’d write”

What a year

I am now home, having finished my finals and Christmas activities-ish. I realized that Sunday is the 1st which means this post is long overdue since I’ve lasted posted. I came into this academic semester not thinking much but worrying a lot. The worse of my worries – being homeless but somehow working part timeContinue reading “What a year”

Swimming in vanity

There’s a part of everyone that wants to know the validity of their claims and their thoughts. But often times, the desire is shaded by one’s own pride and biases. And it’s difficult to swallow most times that that is the case. I used to think pride was an issue that hit most people in superficialContinue reading “Swimming in vanity”

Last day of the teenage years

There’s a first day for everything and a last, but you realize it all mélanges together after a while. The first day of high school. Graduation day. First day of summer. First day of fall. First day of the teen years. First day of being twenty. Time never really stops or slows down. It justContinue reading “Last day of the teenage years”