New York, oh

@ChristyLeung — I want to go to NY with you.

I miss that time where we felt so carefree, just a little bit cold at times. I feel at lost for words in light of that nostalgia. It seems that I collide into the best & funkiest of places with you.

& the ratchet / chill photos with you —

I feel this, if I were to translate it into tunes:


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I remember you. I was alone that time, and frantic. That was my Paris in a day moment, where I rushed to the crooks and corners of the city. It was the day I found out a little bit more about my destiny.

Here, I stopped to rest. Do you recognize this room? It’s the one next to the room with the Mona Lisa. I personally found this room one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever stepped into. It’s calming. It invites a sort of magnificent sigh, asks you to pause for a bit to marvel at the long stretch of paintings. Also, I’ve never been down that hallway. I’ve only stood right here, resting.



I’d never thought I’d enter that realm with you. To take this picture, in part. To get lost in the wonders of ancient geniuses, in another. To understand the ever silencing rest this room breaks into your mind.

We stood here for rest too. After a circular day of exploring. It was too real in the highlight of the moment. I remember.


I realize my memories are too a hallway full of ancient dreams and moments. Only sitting here, writing, I wished I got up to the other end of the hallway to realize more wonders.


I was only too tired, too faded by the wonders of the city, to marvel at whatever could be more present and wonderful at the end of a short walk.


I’ll find you again. We’ll find you.


VLOG | NYC again

Yet another New York vlog…

Went down to NYC last weekend for a short getaway from stress of finals – ended up with inspiration for a new aesthetic and memories full of too many sweet desserts.

remnants of cereal in france

I might post another part to these photos because I have a couple hundred, but we’ll see. This is my short but sweet trip to France. Despite how unexpectedly quickly it had to end, I had a really cool time and within the short time frame, and I realized that sharing the experience with someone is worth much more than going through it alone.

I’ve had this post ready for a while now, but it felt unsettling have the first post of 2016 be something happened the year before, and I just couldn’t really quite bring myself to accept that. Honestly, I’m not really into posting a new years post, so I’ll start it off with these photos. They’re pretty cool, anyhow.

|Travel| SF

I went to SF a week ago, and it was a pretty cool trip. I even got a tan, and I never get tanned. So just a few photos in memory of it.


So a few months ago, I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto Library containing all of my pictures from previous travels. I managed to post photos online, which I was able to rediscover and save. Here are a few of my favourites from last year’s adventures:


Prague. I’m trying to take a photo in the rain without getting my camera wet and while holding my umbrella and crouching over because of my heavy backpack. I like how the fluorescent umbrellas light up the moodiness of the photo.
Dubrovnik: About two minutes away is a place of sorrow where no hope was found.
Night at the Museum: Dinosaurs always had an intriguing factor. I’ve never been able to figure out why they terrify me but, at the same time, never fail to intrigue me.
I noticed this rose from a distance. The only thing visibly red from a few miles away. I was in Auschwitz for the full afternoon and there wasn’t much to say afterwards.
Streets of Dubrovnik: for sale – sugared lemon skins.
Dubrovnik: Inside the stoned walls, construction goes on to preserve the ancient city.
Dubrovnik Wall: The city is enclosed by a wall which you can pay to walk around. The walk is approximately 2km, but the view is stunning. On one side you can see the tops of red houses, soccer fields, and laundry, while on the other, there is a vast landscape of forever beneath you. It is such a breathtaking scene. Croatia is truly one of its kind.