Psalm 17:23

It’s crazy the way God enters my life. His steps are like weird patches that don’t seem to blend in – things I never imagined happening actually occurring. It’s incredible.

I’m not actually talking about good things either – there are times when He of course blesses me with incredible miracles, but lately I feel as though He’s been trying to catch me while I’m falling.

Now first things first, I know I’m falling. I keep falling into this strange pile of anxiety as I stack up all the things that are not working out in my favour. Like today, a misfortune happened – one that I would categorize as complete and utter hopelessness. And it’s hard to reconcile and recover from moments like that. When I feel as though I’ve been knocked off the horse by a strange but powerful wind.

But I’m slowly figuring out it’s God… I mean every time I open my quiet time, it happens to press on exactly what I felt was lacking.

Today was Psalm 139:17-24. This one though stood out:

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. (v. 23)

He’s really making me question the foundations of what I think hold my sanity together. Every last bit of it: relationships, family, life, greed, finances. Things that I think are so essential to my world – I’m desperately holding onto – I’m called to let go of every single one. It’s hard, I must say. I don’t even think I’m succeeding more than an inch at a time. But the first part in any recovery is admittance and recognition. So here is that.

Gracious Father, I recognize today my desperate need of Your love, wisdom, and grace. Search me and know me. Pour out Your grace and mercy in my life to bring healing to my heart.

Just needed to write that before I pass out for the night.

New York, oh

@ChristyLeung — I want to go to NY with you.

I miss that time where we felt so carefree, just a little bit cold at times. I feel at lost for words in light of that nostalgia. It seems that I collide into the best & funkiest of places with you.

& the ratchet / chill photos with you —

I feel this, if I were to translate it into tunes:

the novel I’d write

It seems that since I’ve entered college, approximately from February to April is a time of deep self-introspection – a real hell for someone who cannot deal with her internality of thoughts at times.

Usually I’d opt to write down my thoughts during these times – a catharsis for my mind to let everything out for anyone to find, when I’m struggling to get out of my own head. I missed out on it last month though. Entering the real tangible twenties felt empty to say the least. Empty and void of the things I’d thought I’d have – happiness, meaning, life.

I just didn’t have the real guts to admit it to myself at the time with the act of more introspection and writing. So I avoided it because in part, I had nothing to say.

Growing older, I’m realizing how crowded I am as a person. Filled with so many anxieties and insecurities that I can’t even start to count them off. Each one held up by single thread that I can’t seem to cut. It’s deafening to the soul to realize how stuffy my mind really is.

If I were to write something about totality of the months from February to April, I’d call it the state of constant sadness. Doesn’t really matter what prompted it, but rather that it started in the first place. That I somehow can’t find happiness or lightness within myself no matter how deep I pretend to search.

I somehow try to live off of people’s pity, cry whenever the possibility of emptiness appears, and hurt those closest around me during these months. And it’s a curse that I helplessly tied to when these months come.

I can’t be certain, but I think this trend will end next year. It’s something that I will not miss when I exit this fiction called College Hill and enter a different dimension of reality.


Enough of that pity party though. A few film outtakes from my last trip.


Running constantly

These days I’ve been feeling… sleepy. Maybe it’s the warmish-coldish weather in Providence, or the week-long hints of jet lag I’m still experiencing. But I think sleepy is a pretty accurate term of what I feel these days.

On the other hand, I also feel lackadaisical and anxious. I know – a weird mix. French class usually does it up for the slight anxiety I feel. And I just want to constantly sleep. Oh, and I’m also dehydrated.

Next week’s an adventurous week – kinda. It’s my birthday next Wednesday, my 21st. I’m not exactly excited but it’ll probably be enjoyable? Plus, it’s an excuse to treat myself and not do any homework… well not a lot of homework at least.

I’m a pretty tame person when it comes to celebrations and such. I’ve realized “partying” is only fun with a lot of my closer friends when they’re not busy… and when we’re not all dying of a lack of sleep. I prefer to Youtube for hours on my bed and watch reality TV than go out sometimes… most times?

I think it’s too early to turn back on my life and reflect on my first 20th year. I don’t think I’ve changed much or grown much. I feel good and stable though with where I’m at. And as always, I want to do something to myself that will shake things up and challenge myself even more. By literally putting myself through more anxiety and change. Hahahah. I’m all for the personal growth – though I don’t notice it half the time.

I realize any achievement I make or stability I come to, I’m never really satisfied. I want to continually break the highest point I’ve come and keep going instead of settling down. I honestly don’t  really know why, but I just want to? There’s a lot of people I want to give back to and I feel like enriching my life is a way of doing that? Maybe?

Or I’m just being an unsatisfied goose, unable to stop running — that’s how it feels like sometimes. I just can’t stop running.

I’ve put in my film development order, but in the meanwhile here are 6 of my non-favorite photos from my trip abroad.

What a year

I am now home, having finished my finals and Christmas activities-ish. I realized that Sunday is the 1st which means this post is long overdue since I’ve lasted posted.

I came into this academic semester not thinking much but worrying a lot. The worse of my worries – being homeless but somehow working part time at a tea store for the rest of my life – sounds oddly familiar but I can confirm that will not come true… thankfully.

I’m grateful to all those I met this past year & have gotten to know, and to my God who will never let me go. This year’s been one of the most interesting by far to have gone through, with lots of surprises along the way. And for now, I’m happy that I’m 20 and that I get to keep my five week holidays and four month summers.

At the same time though, there’s a lot of things I want to accomplish in the final stretch of my time at college.

For the instant, I feel lazy and some type of writer’s block and procrastination. I’ll be watching a bunch of videos and sleeping. Until 2017, hope you have a lovely New Years.


incredible month

It’s been an incredible month. I wanted to acknowledge it before it disappeared and turned into finals + Christmas period. 🙂

That’s it. I’ll be back soon — right after finals period probably unless something else comes up or if I end up procrastinating on studying with writing.

Now what?

Not to reiterate what happened this week, but it has been emotional nevertheless. I think there’s a lot to digest and think about as I look towards a somewhat more clear future – but that’s not to say only I should do this, but everyone.

Okay. But I got to get it out.
Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy upon my life. I will boast in nothing but in God and His love because that’s something that will never cease. It’s surprising, wondrous, and outrageous all in one. A love that died for my soul on that cross – that saw and experienced every pain and suffering that any human could go through. One that understands the chaotic unpredictability of a human world. I am grateful to say the least.

As I look on to finishing this year and starting the next, I’m only excited in this moment of what is to come and what will come. I know there will be a different set of challenges and hurdles, as with anyone’s life, but in this moment, I’m living with God’s constant grace.

Now onto a fun outing on Saturday, a restful Thanksgiving week, and an exciting adventure the week after. Then finals, of course.

Thank you all for to everyone else’s support and love throughout a stressful but maturing process. And read my article if you so please on my views from the past two months.


Waking up to a new reality

I woke at 5AM this morning to the buzzing of my phone. I felt taken back by the new reality of this country and disheartened by the news I woke up to. Yesterday was a big day for everyone.

I’m dumbfounded and I’m trying to realize silver linings in the midst of this chaotic month.

So here are the things I’m thankful for and the things that I will ultimately keep up a positivity:

  1. I’m alive and breathing. I have incredible friends and family. And incredibly blessed to lean on a saviour and not on myself for understanding.
  2. The chaos, in turn, can bring about more change and activity for younger generations going through the motions.
  3. Our hope ultimately has to lie on something greater, not on human politics that can fall or rise any day.

Despite any more negative news that may happen this month, I am still hopeful of the things to come and grateful of the past.

Heaven holds my heart

So I will sing like I will there
In the fearless light of glory
Where the darkness cannot find me
And Your face is all I see

I am constantly blessed by His glory and grace upon my life, no matter what I have done or will do. I am constantly surprised by His mercies and boundless love that floods my life. So, I am constantly thankful for His love and mercy to have His will be done in my life.

For His will be done, not mine.

It’s going to be an interesting two weeks, but regardless of what happens, I know Heaven lives in me. For I have been fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of all things, and I have this inkling of faith that He will never leave me in the darkness alone.