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frozen smore x brooklyn bridge x ducks Christy and my trip in a nutshell. Side note: This was supposed to be a Catcher in the Rye tour of the city, but the edits didn’t work out that way.

Park n’ Tacos

  New York City is strikingly rectangular. Every building has straight, crisp edges and there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary when staring up at the city… except for this huge park right in the middle of it all. It never really occurred to me until this particular trip how unusual this wasContinue reading “Park n’ Tacos”

a step you can’t take back

Brooklyn bridge @1:00 PM exactly. Christy and I are in the city for the long weekend. It’s President’s day weekend actually. Is also the coldest day in this city… possibly in the last 20 years (I’ve heard someone say). We were crazy enough to go onto the bridge at 1:00. It took us thirty minutes to crossContinue reading “a step you can’t take back”